Conference fe 2015

Plans of production and publishing.

14th January 2016 will take place premiere of the game "Sinless" on iOS (Apple App Store), Android (Google Play), OS X (Apple Mac App Store). The game made its debut on 16th December on Steam, and was warmly welcomed by the players.
Also in the first quarter of 2016 will be released prequel game Sparkle 2: Evo- Sparkle 0 (working title), like its predecessor, will be available both on the desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) and mobile devices (iOS, Android). The exact release date will be announced in a current report.
The next two titles planned for the first quarter, the game production Digital Melody Games (creators of Timberman) - Surfingers and Risky Rescue. As in the case of Timberman, FE deals with the preparation and the release of the platform Steam. Exact premiere dates will be announced in a current report.
The "Dom" has evolved and was eventually replaced by the project "Hollow" - Sci-Fi survival horror, in which the action is presented from a first person perspective. The game is based on the latest graphics engine - Unreal Engine - and its premiere is planned for the turn of 2016/2017. The first game will be released on PC, but it is also planned version of the next generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). The first teaser of "Hollow" can be seen at:
Sand is the Soul - is another production MGP Studios, which is scheduled for release in 2016. FE deals with the issuance and distribution of games for the PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The exact release date will be announced in a current report. The first teaser of "Sand is the Soul" can be seen at
Development direction:

In 2015, the Company placed great emphasis on publishing, which resulted among other things, the release of Timberman and Sinless on Steam. All the time, talks are underway with further independent developer teams interested in cooperation with FE, which in the nearest future should lead to the signing of new publishing contracts. At the same time FE runs at the moment talking with a big developer from Japan, which is also interested in FE entrusting their games for distribution in the US and European markets. Implementation of a new element to the business strategy of the Company (acting as a publisher) helped stabilize the financial situation of the issuer and enables financing a much larger production, even such as "Hollow". In 2016, the Management Board will continue to develop publishing activity of the Company, which should guarantee stable revenue growth.

FE 2016 will continue to expand on the Chinese market as a part of a Joint Venture Company CSHFEHK.

Screenshots for the game Sparkle 0:


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