FRONT MISSION 2: Remake is coming to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on April 30th!

05.04 2024

Wanzers take over new platforms! FRONT MISSION 2: Remake launches on Steam, GOG, Epic Game Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X on April 30th worldwide!

The preludium of the Alordesh Civil War starts now! Free demo of FRONT MISSION 2: Remake will be available on Steam starting today.

Savegame from the demo version will carry over to the full game upon its worldwide release!

The impoverished People's Republic of Alordesh has been suffering a severe economic decline due to the 2nd Huffman Conflict, which created widespread discontent among citizens.

Twelve years after the events of Front Mission 1st, on 12 June 2102, a coup d'état led by Ven Mackarge began. On this exact day, three main military bases and the parliament in the country's capital city were attacked and taken over. The O.C.U. responded to the attacks by sending their army to free Alordesh from rebel hands.

- Engaging storyline
- Strategic turn-based combat
- Wanzer customization
- Modernized battle scenes
- Free camera options
- Improved loading speed
- Modern in-game effects
- Renewed soundtrack
- 9 languages localization

Join the forces with the O.C.U. military squads, 'Muddy Otters', 'Dull Stags', and 'O.C.U. Ground Defense Force Intelligence Agency' and monitor the situation in the Alordesh torn apart by a ruthless civil war.


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