Care Bears: To The Rescue is coming in 2024!

21.05 2024

In collaboration with Cloudco Entertainment, we're thrilled to announce the arrival of the new game set in the Care Bears universe – Care Bears™: To The Rescue! 


Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch. Xbox, PlayStation


 The Silver Lining is in trouble! Bluster has been busy nurturing a giant Bad Seed full of bad energy. It is now on the loose, and its bad vines are wreaking havoc! The Care Bears are facing one of their biggest challenges so far! They will need to team up and gather lots of Caring Energy in order to restore peace and happiness. Will their efforts be enough to overcome Bluster’s giant Bad Seed?  
Care Bears™: To The Rescue is a platformer game set in the Care Bears universe featuring 30 levels across five unique worlds! Experience the game in singleplayer mode or up to 4 players in local co-op mode!  

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